Hotel Amerika 10:1

Hotel Amerika 10:1

Edited by David Lazar

Table Of Contents


Maya Sonenberg
Models for Raising the Dead (page 26)

Desirae Matherly
Flashbacks and Proliferations (page 51)

Ellen Morris Prewitt
When Clark Gable Came to Town (page 74)

Jeffrey Hammond
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackboard (page 115)

Shifra Sharlin
Not Against Irony (page 128)

Nicole Sheets
Voice Mail from the Seeing Place (page 151)

Deborah Gold
DSS: Department of Social Services (page 167)

John Parker
from "Night Song Da Nang" (page 182)


Priscilla Kinter
Woof (page 18)

Jim Tilley
Winter Jacket (page 24)

Cal Freeman
Definitions 1 and 2 (page 25)

Philip Pardi
[Only later did he discover] (page 67)
[The urns of night] (page 68)
[The story goes that three men came before Saint Peter] (page 69)

Susan Terris
In & Out/Out & In (page 131)

Sarah Blackman
The Five Strong Brothers (page 132)

Bill Rector
Three Views of Memorial Day (page 134)

Leah Nielsen
No Hurt, Happy (page 160)

Gary L. McDowell
The Painter Goes for a Swim (page 177)


W.P. Osborn
The Darlings (page 1)

Priscilla Kinter
Exclusions (page 16)

Aurelie Sheehan
Paper Bag (page 53)

Kevin L. Ferguson
from "Three Thousand Families" (page 70)

Joseph Harrington
No Soap (page 82)

Sara Greenslit
Excerpts from cleave (page 108)

Brian Oliu
Super Mario Bros 3 (page 133)

Eleanor Stanford
Liver (page 148)


Peter LaSalle
A Short Manual of Mirrors (page 9)

Joy Lanzendorfer
You're a Good Man, Andy Hardy (page 135)


Lois Parkinson Zamora
An Interview with Carlos Fuentes (page 47)


Steven Carter (page 38)
Joshua Craze (page 39)
John Klein (page 40)
The Covert Comic (page 42)


Colette Inez
For Brigid (page 2)
Urban Tankas (page 3)

Anne Pierson Wiese
Every Dream (page 4)

Alice B. Fogel
The Word for House (page 5)
House of Thieves (page 6)
House of Talk (page 8)

Daniel Langton
Holding a Chunk of the Moon (page 19)

Cynthia Hogue
The Lake of Honestly (page 20)
Of Sentiment (page 22)

Danielle Shutt
Trading Mothers (page 23)

Rick Bursky
The Argonaut Years (page 37)

Anne Shaw
Could There Be a Kind of Tether (page 43)
What to Ask For, How to See (page 44)

T. Alan Broughton
Chance Meeting in a Supermarket (page 46)

Peter Cooley
All Insufficiency of Mortal Things (page 54)
Necessities (page 55)
Catch Me (page 56)

L.S. Klatt
The Head of George Washington (page 76)
Figure at Night Following Phosphorescent Tracks (page 77)
Far East (page 78)

Patricia Corbus
Music from the Cave (page 79)

Naoko Fujimoto
As of Late (page 80)

Lyn Lifshin
The Way You Know (page 105)
Haven't You Ever Wanted (page 106)
Montmartre (page 107)

G.C. Waldrep
Next Year in Jerusalem (page 112)

Brian Diamond
Sonnet #6 (page 121)

Lisa Samuels
Florida (page 122)

Susan Terris
Diptych: Baby Existentialist (page 130)

Victoria Brockmeier
catching half angel (page 141)
festival for her sister hanging from a hook (page 142)
in script styled from a slice of pomegranate (page 144)

B. Walker Sampson
Forgetting (page 147)

Linda M. Fischer
Birthday Poem (page 158)
White (page 159)

John Marvin
Of Which Vertu Engendred (page 162)

Christopher Davis
Small, Inverted I, Excitement Symbol! (page 164)

Leah Nielsen
Hurts Just a Little Bit (page 166)

D.R. James
On Purpose (page 172)

Jan Clausen
Bomb Her Womb From Your Huge Cannon or When Did We Go Co-Ed? (page 174)

Nina Corwin
Tips for Today's Commodities Watcher (page 176)

Tony Sanders
Greetings from Hybrid Farms (page 178)
Ésthetique (page 179)

Traci Brimhall and Brynn Saito
The Park (page 180)
The Streets (page 181)

Contributors' Notes (page 194)