Great Plains Research 26:2

Great Plains Research 26:2

Edited by Peter J. Longo

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

The Future of Great Plains Research
Peter J. Longo, Editor, and Richard C. Edwards, Director, Center for Great Plains Studies

Could the People of the Great Plains Have Distinctive Character Traits? Looking to Scientific Research for Clues
John R. Hibbing

Social and Environmental Influences on Female White-Tailed Deer Dispersal Behavior
Charles M. Nixon and Philip C. Mankin

Invasion during Extreme Weather: Success and Failure in a Temperate Perennial Grassland
James C. Han and Stephen L. Young

Plowprint: Tracking Cumulative Cropland Expansion to Target Grassland Conservation
Anne M. Gage, Sarah K. Olimb, and Jeff Nelson

iButton® Temperature Loggers Effectively Determine Prairie Grouse Nest Absences
Josiah D. Dallmann, Edward J. Raynor, Lars C. Anderson, Larkin A. Powell, and Walter H. Schacht

Review Essay
What’s the Matter with Meat?
Don D. Stull

Francis L. Rose and Frank W. Judd. The Texas Tortoise: A Natural History
David C. Rostal

E. K. (Ted) Turner. Beyond the Farm Gate: The Story of a Farm Boy Who Helped Make the Wheat Pool a World-Class Business
Ravindra N. Chibbar

Bonnie Jeffery, Isobel M. Findlay, Diane Martz, and Louise Clarke, eds. Journeys in Community-Based Research
Gregory R. Campbell

Jennifer Bonnell and Marcel Fortin, eds. Historical GIS Research in Canada
Chad Gaffield

Cheryl Caldwell Ferguson. Highland Park and River Oaks: The Origins of Garden Suburban Community Planning in Texas
Gordon Scholz

Brantley Hightower. The Courthouses of Central Texas
Leonard G. Lane Jr.

Troy D. Hibbitts and Toby J. Hibbitts. Foreword by Laurie J. Vitt. Texas Lizards: A Field Guide
Stephanie M. Campos

Kathryn Chase Merrett. Why Grow Here: Essays on Edmonton’s Gardening History
Edwinna von Baeyer

Jennifer R. Nájera. The Borderlands of Race: Mexican Segregation in a South Texas Town
Tracy Brown

Kimball M. Banks and Jon S. Czaplicki, eds. Dam Projects and the Growth of American Archaeology: The River Basin Surveys and the Interagency Archeological Salvage Program
Brennan J. Dolan

Cynthia Clampitt. Midwest Maize: How Corn Shaped the US Heartland
Roger Elmore

Greg Poelzer and Ken S. Coates. From Treaty Peoples to Treaty Nation: A Road Map for All Canadians
Brenden W. Rensink

Mark Gustafson. A Naturalist’s Guide to the Texas Hill Country
Thomas R. Simpson

Michael R. Waters and Thomas A. Jennings. The Hogeye Clovis Cache
Michael B. Collins

Gabriel M. Yanicki. Old Man’s Playing Ground: Gaming and Trade on the Plains/Plateau Frontier
C. Riley Augé

Michael John Haddock, Craig C. Freeman, and Janét Bare. Kansas Wildflowers and Weeds
James H. Locklear

Jay Miller. Foreword by Alfred Berryhill. Ancestral Mounds: Vitality and Volatility of Native America
Erin C. Dempsey

James W. Hewitt. In Cold Storage: Sex and Murder on the Plains
Timbre Wulf-Ludden

Jim Lish. Winter’s Hawk: Red-tails on the Southern Plains
James A. Hewlett

Phyllis S. Morgan. Foreword by Marc Simmons. Illustrated by Ronald Kil. As Far as the Eye Could Reach: Accounts of Animals along the Santa Fe Trail, 1821–1880
Daniel R. Uden

Christopher G. Gillis. Foreword by T. Lindsay Baker. Still Turning: A History of Aermotor Windmills
Coy F. Harris

David K. Langdon. Introduction by Rick Bass. Fog at Hillingdon
William Sutton

Clint Carroll. Roots of our Renewal: Ethnobotany and Cherokee Environmental Governance
Nancy J. Turner

Claude A. Barr. Edited by James H. Locklear. Jewels of the Plains: Wildflowers of the Great Plains Grasslands and Hills
Valerie F. Wright

Michael L. Morrison and Heather A. Mathewson, eds. Wildlife Habitat Conservation: Concepts, Challenges, and Solutions
Ronald M. Case

Myron H. Bright. Goodbye Mike, Hello Judge: My Journey for Justice
Kathryn R. L. Rand

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