Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships 03:3

Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships 03:3

Edited by James C. Wadley

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Editor's Note:  Face to Face Versus Online Clinical Supervision

“An Odor in the Air”: An Examination of HIV Prevention for Young Adults, Stigma, and Risk Fatigue in Gaborone, Botswana
Tracy Anderson and James Kiwanuka-tondo

The Need for Anti-Bullying Policies on Campus: An Argument for Improving Gender and Race Relations in Higher Education
Leah P. Hollis

Frieda’s Ruined Resistance: A Womanist Ethic of Survival
Lacette Cross

Sex, Sexuality, and the Disabled Black Woman
Tien Sydnor-Campbell

Generating Blackness: Unsettling the American Grammar of Trans Politics
Meredith Lee

Gendered-Racial Stereotypic Beliefs about African American Women and Relationship Quality
Felicia D. Fisher and M. Nicole Coleman

Letter to the Editor: Reflections on the Association of Black Sexologist Conference in St. Thomas 2017
Perre L. Shelton