Legacy 34:2

Legacy 34:2

Edited by Susan Tomlinson, Jennifer Putzi, and Jennifer S. Tuttle

Table Of Contents


Editor’s Note 

Hidden in Plain Sight: Uncovering the Career of Lucretia Howe Newman Coleman
Jennifer Harris

Word Become Flesh: Literacy, Anti-literacy, and Illiteracy in Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Faye Halpern

States of Innocence: Harriet Beecher Stowe, London Needlewomen, and the New England Novel
Gretchen Murphy

Creating a “Democratic Neighborhood” through Poetic Exchange: Lucy Larcom’s An Idyl of Work
Robin Rudy Smith

Legacy Profile
The Girl Reporter in Fact and Fiction: Miriam Michelson’s New Women and Periodical Culture in the Progressive Era
Lori Harrison-Kahan and Karen E. H. Skinazi

The Milpitas Maiden: A Story of Some Women’s Rights and Others’ Sufferance
Miriam Michelson

The Real New Woman. Miriam Michelson Likens Her to a Pleasant Dream, Not a Nightmare
Miriam Michelson

Legacy Reprint
The Bildung of a Reformer: Mary Livermore’s Poetic Involvement in the Anti-gallows Campaign of the 1840s
Birte Christ

Orrin de Wolf
Mary Livermore

The Conqueror and the Murderer
Mary Livermore

Review Essay
Consuming Dickinson
Alexandra Socarides

Website Reviews
Memorable Days: The Emilie Davis Diaries, directed by Judith Giesberg
Desirée Henderson

Susan Warner’s The Wide, Wide World, directed by Jessica DeSpain, Jennifer Brady, Melissa White, and Jill Kirsten Anderson
Brenda Glascott

Book Reviews
Female Piety and the Invention of American Puritanism, by Bryce Traister
Ashley Reed

Civil War Nurse Narratives, 1863-1870, by Daneen Wardrop
Thomas Lawrence Long

Archives of Desire: The Queer Historical Work of New England Regionalism, by J. Samaine Lockwood
Travis M. Foster

Becoming Sui Sin Far: Early Fiction, Journalism, and Travel Writing by Edith Maude Eaton, edited by Mary Chapman
Hsuan L. Hsu