Hotel Amerika 16:1

Hotel Amerika 16:1

Table Of Contents

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Charred Voices: Aphorisms
Daniel Liebert

To the Vanishing Point
Yahia Lababidi

Three Months
Jennifer Quartararo

A Boy’s Grief
Sophfronia Scott

Jane Satterfield

A Good Ghost Story
Kristen Iversen

Las Vegas Funeral, 1986
K. L. Cook

The Black Sands of Cygrus
Sarah Bates

Thirty-six Ways of Looking at an Essay
Chris Arthur

Waller Creek
Shannon Ratliff

All the Helicopters of Sweet São Paulo: An Essay About Literature in Our Lives
Peter LaSalle

Return to the City of Refuge
Catherine Scherer

The Boundaries of Longing
Courtney Kersten

Half Fish Tale, Half Ars Poetica
Jacqueline Doyle

On Top of Splash Mountain
Hansel, Clever Hansel
Teresa Barnett

Confessional Roots
Ana Maria Spagna

Skin: A Matryoshka
Marissa Landrigan

The Pussy Room
Michael Fischer

Grandfather John
Mark Jacobs

Fordite Pendant
JD Scott

Social Zakuski
Barbara Haas

Bert & Ernie/Bert & Mary excerpt from The State of Our Union: A Collage
Julie Marie Wade

After Italy
Anna Monardo

Impossible Positions
Natania Rosenfeld

Sexual Organs
Eric G. Wilson

Tips on Tables
John Picard

Elizabeth Horneber

Social Interaction
Dominic Quintana

The Quiet Ones
Elizabeth Kay Patterson

Dante’s Francesca as Hillbilly Mistress
Sarah Anne Strickley

Gary Hill

Lee Ann Roripaugh

Horses With Wings
Erin Ritchie

Knock and Come In
The Weather & The People
John Brandon

Folk Medicine 
Dona Bela Recalls Her Seven Husbands
Eleanor Stanford

to never complain that the green flecks of leaf offend your view of
Cynthia Hogue

George Drew

Poison Ivori Wicci Icis Skyscrapers
Rose Knapp

Self-Portrait as Isabella in Theophilic Ecstasy 
Self-Portrait as Ophelia in 35 Hues of Blewe 
Self-Portrait as Rosalind with Topophilia and Heresy 
Dayna Patterson

[h ive]
Jessica Roeder

Biodome Begetting Robot and Forgiveness
Biodome to be Released on the RCA Label 
Biodome Brought to You by Atomic Theory
Diane Raptosh

Extreme Ironing 
All Night, 
Charles Webb

Miranda Rights
Gary McDowell

The Suburbanite Speaks
Tony Tracy

Daily Walk
John Harn

Time Delay 
Stephen Brown

Brian Tierney

Autumn Anchored to How a Person Listens 
Failed Attempts to Rewrite,Keats’s “To Autumn” 
When the Questions,Get Theatrical 
Jeff Hardin

Sweet Scary Baby
Adrianne Kalfopoulou

Samuel Pepys’ Diary
Tony Whedon

Slipping an Opinion Out of Them is Easy
Compared to What Was Is Is Beautiful
Perhaps I Left the Car at Big Lots
Mary Gilliland

Leading Man (Late Noir)
National Public Radio 
Dorothy Barresi

Alan Chazaro

David Moolten

A Minute of the Mind
Tim Suermondt

You Are My First Darkness
Peter Grandbois

Natural Selection
Man Bites Dog
No Problem
David Denny

Cloud Laborers
Overheard from Inside of a Ravine 
Overheard from on top of a Building 
M. A. Vizsolyi

Beyond Tahrir
Mary Crow

Color Your World
Trick and Treat 
Michelle Brooks

Fog Inhalation
Anne Champion and Jenny Sadre-Orafai

On Reading Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac for the Second Time After 37 Years While Visiting Vietnam—January 2009
Andrew S. Guthrie

World Enough and Time
John Isles

The Club, Houston 
I Go There 
Benjamin S. Grossberg

First Nature, Once Removed 
Katherine Soniat

Michael Montlack

Sleeping With The King
Lizzy Cooperman

Torch Song: Narcissus
Charlene Fix

What Scares Me Most About Death
T. J. Sandella

Carrie L. Krucinski

Dimming the Lamps in the Landscape 
Tryst in Downpour 
John Sibley Williams

An Amputated M, 
U, for a Time 
Maren O. Mitchell

Nina Budabin
McQuown Anaphylactic Shock

An Old Shrine 2
Ghost 2
James Grinwis

To the End of the Affair 
Christopher Howell

Richard Robbins

The Great Web
Michael Lavers

Prose Poetry
January Study
Postcard from My Kitchen Table
Bill Rector

Ghost of a Chance 
Christmas Carol 
Fred Muratori

Soldier Crab
Tom Paine

Digression Number One 
The One with the Wurlitzer
Jeremy Morris

Torn Sky
Satoshi Iwai

Amy Monticello

Mainlining {bn}
Lindsay Ahl

from Leafmold
from Leafmold 
from Leafmold
F. Daniel Rzicznek

Jean-Mark Sens

Beyond the Sea
The Ant Farm
Richard J. Fleming

Little Goldie in America
Nance Van Winckel

Marie Antoinette Helps You Move, Only Carries Pillows and Deer Antlers
Roya Khatiblou

Fragments Toward an Index of Birds
Desirae Matherly

The Roar of T. Rex
Jeff Porter

Real Talk (III)
Evan Lavender-Smith

The Flood Plain 
Dustin Parsons

it all melts down to this—a novel in timelines (Chapter 13) 
Ben Miller and Dale Williams