Frontiers 40:1

Frontiers 40:1

Edited by Wanda S. Pillow, Kimberly Jew, and Cindy Cruz

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Editors’ Note
Wanda S. Pillow, Kimberly M. Jew, and Cindy Cruz           

Surrogacy as Feminism: The Philanthrocapitalist Framing of Contract Pregnancy
Sophie Lewis 

Historicizing Body Knowledge: Women’s Liberation, Self-Help, and Menstrual Representation in the 1970s
Jennifer Nelson          

Better Mothers, Good Daughters, and Blessed Women: Multiple Femininities and Intersectionality in Abortion Narratives
Sri Devi Thakkilapati 

Confronting Public Health Imperialism: A Transnational Feminist Analysis of Critical Nurse Responses to the National Smallpox Vaccination Program of 2002
Gwen D’Arcangelis  

Toil Behind the Footlights: The Spectacle of Female Suffering and the Rise of Musical Comedy
Desirée J. Garcia        

Ideology Behind the Covers of the Bestselling Books in Iran: Female Narrators in War Literature
Azra Ghandeharion and Maryam Sadat Mousavi Tekiyeh    

Doing Gender in Commodification of Courtship and Dating: Understanding Women’s Experiences of Attending Commercialized Matchmaking Activities in China
Jing Zheng     

Intersectionality and Identity: Critical Considerations in Teaching Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies
Sri Craven      

Pedagogies in the Flesh: Building an Anti-Racist Decolonized Classroom
Karen Buenavista Hanna      

Guided by the Itzpapalotl Spirit: Chicana Editors Practice a Form of Spiritual Activism
Sonya M. Alemán and Flor de Maria Olivo  

The Alchemy of Intimacy: The Photography of Cara Judea Alhadeff, PhD
Cara J. Alhadeff