North Dakota Quarterly 69:1

North Dakota Quarterly 69:1

Edited by Robert Lewis

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Table Of Contents

Keeping Track (poem, with a commentary by Mark Vinz)
Thomas McGrath
Thomas Merton and the Call of Mystery (A Sea Change: Books That Mattered)
Thomas Van Nortwick
Taking the Case and The Stairs (poems)
John Allman
Cotton Mather (poem)
Peter Johnson
Writing as Farming
Priscilla Long
General Doolittle's Raid over Tokyo (story)
Hal Ackerman
Patrick Madden
Silence, Talk, Speaking Out: Class and Language Use on the Upper Great Plains
Kevin Brooks
How to Converse in Italian (story)
Maura Stanton
October, First Snow (poem)
Thom Tammaro
How We Teach Each Other
Roslyn Solomon
The Amen Coroner (story)
Laura Pedersen
Challenging the Status Quo: Selected Essays by Lakota Scholars Beatrice Medicine and Elizabeth Cook-Lynn (review-essay)
Gretchen Chesley Lang
Autumn Interiors, or The Ladies Eve: Woody Allen's Ingmar Bergman Complex (essay)
Bert Cardullo
Patchwork of Selvage: May (poem)
Debra Kang Dean
Daily Spaces and Spark Gap (poems)
Mary Ann Samyn
On the Way to Bed (poem)
Andrew Dillon
Like Dogs and Doughboy's Bitch (poems)
David Kirby
Robert Pope
Author, Author: Mark Twain and His Collaborators
Gary P. Henrickson
Visions of Kaczynski Reviews
Will Nixon
Letters of George Santayana: Book One [1868]-1909
James Ballowe
Thomas Barger, Out in the Blue: Letters from Arabia, 1937-1940
Brenda Daly
Norma C. Wilson, The Nature of Native American Poetry
Erin Aageson
Ivy Goodman, A Chapter from her Upbringing and Kate Myers Hanson, Narrow Beams
Jill Gidmark
Susan Koprince, Understanding Neil Simon
Darin Ken
Editor's Notes