North Dakota Quarterly 72:1-2

North Dakota Quarterly 72:1-2

Edited by Robert Lewis

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Table Of Contents

Special Belles-Lettres Issue
The Kitemaker's Dilemma (story)
Murzban F. Shroff
Donatello's Version (poem)
James Scully
Niké: for Richard Wilbur; Clyde Torrey; An Ancient Quarrel; and Horsegod (poems)
Robert Bagg
The Name of the Gentlest Wind (story)
Raja Alem
"After great pain, a formal feeling comes" and High Idle (poems)
Madeline DeFrees
Fishes' Universe and Squashed (poems)
Jill Mancina
Everything (story)
Fred Johnston
June 21; Sunday Afternoons; Uncle Paul's Not Yet Close to Drunk; Spring Semester; and Raking Pine Needles (poems)
Stuart Bloodworm
Special Powers (story)
Shelagh C. Shapiro
Rumplestiltskin (poem)
Barry Ballard
Losers Weepers (story)
Ian Blake Newman
Landscape with Family Trees (story)
Margaret Lamb
Confluence and Reclamation (poems)
E. A. Axelberg
Between Sound and Noise (story)
Curtis Smith
The Outing (story)
Stephanie Waxman
In the Heartland and The Bluebird in My Heart (poems)
Clarence Wolfshohl
Solace (story)
John J. McCann
Banging on Doors (story)
Janet Flora
Mosquitoes and Mud Cakes (poems)
Jason Schossler
The Unauthorized Guinness: Five World Records (story)
Andrew Kaplan
Waterfalls (story)
Gail Louise Siegel
Red Bronze and We Are in One Nest (poems)
W. K. Buckley
Listening for the Dead (poem)
Thomas Sheehan
The Gray Suite (story)
Greg Jenkins
Target Practice; Before His Final Day; and An Etymology of Sorts (poems)
Jeff Hardin
Oooh (story)
Karen Heuler
The Yellow House; The Girl Next Door; and Spring Sonnet (poems)
J. Lorraine Brown
American Lives (review-essay)
John Allman

Duane Champagne and Ismael Abu-Saad, eds., The Future of Indigenous Peoples: Strategies for Survival and Development
Gretchen Chesley Lang
Fred Whitehead, ed., Don Gordon: Collected Poems
Denise Low
Christopher Beach, The Cambridge Introduction to Twentieth-Century American Poetry; Jordan Smith, For Appearances; Terry Blackhawk, Escape Artist; Vona Groarke, Flight; Walt McDonald, Climbing the Divide; and Dick Allen, The Day Before
Bill Christophersen
Stephen Dunn, Local Visitations
Anis Shivani
Jim Harrison, The Raw and the Cooked: Adventures of a Roving Gourmand
Erik Nakjavani
Jonis Agee, Acts of Love on Indigo Road: New and Selected Stories
Jill Barnum
Maryemma Graham, ed., The Cambridge Companion to the African American Novel
Lisa Trochman
Laura Wilson, Avedon at Work in the American West
Chuck Kimmerle
Ian Ker, The Catholic Revival in English Literature, 1845- 1961
George Slanger
Alain de Botton, The Art of Travel
John M. Edwards
Jerrold Casway, Ed Delahanty in the Emerald Age of Baseball
Susan Koprince
Mark Phillips, My Father's Cabin
Robert W. Lewis
Editor's Notes