American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 20:3

American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 20:3

Edited by Larry Davidson

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Citizenship: Social Approaches and Border Crossings in Contemporary Mental Health
About this Special Issue
Chyrell D. Bellamy & Ailsa E. Stewart
Introduction: Citizenship and Citizenship-Oriented Care
Michael Rowe
Finding Citizenship: What Works?
Annie Harper, Liat Kriegel, Christina Morris, Helen P. Hamer & Matthew Gambino
Project Connect: A Community Intervention for Individuals with Mental Illness
Billy Bromage, Liat Kriegel, Bridgett Williamson, Kirsten Maclean & Michael Rowe
Constructing Community to Achieve Citizenship Using Recognition Theory, Recovery, and Citizenship as a Reflective Lens: Experiences from the United States and Scotland
Ailsa Stewart, Karen Black, Patricia Benedict & Victoria Benson
Person-Centered Planning in Mental Health: A Transatlantic Collaboration to Tackle Implementation Barriers
Emma Miller, Victoria Stanhope, Maria Restrepo-Toro & Janis Tondora
Development of the Citizens Measure into a Tool to Guide Clinical Practice and its Utility for Case Managers
Chyrell D. Bellamy, Liat Kriegel, Stacey Barrenger, Michele Klimczak, Jaak Rakfeldt, Victoria Benson, Michaella Baker, Patricia Benedict, Bridgett Williamson & Gillian MacIntyre
Empowerment and Recovery in the Mental Health Field in Brazil: Socio-Historical Context, Cross-National Aspects, and Critical Considerations
Eduardo Mourão Vasconcelos & Manuel Desviat
A National Mental Health Arts Festival
Gail Aldam, Rob Dickie, Lee Knifton & Larry Davidson
Recovery, Citizenship, and Psychosocial Rehabilitation: A Dialog between Brazilian and American Mental Health Care Approaches
Rosana T. Onocko Campos, Mark Costa, Mariana Barbosa Pereira, Ellen Cristina Ricci, Giselli da Silva Tavares Enes, Leidy Janeth, Erazo Chavez, Graziela Reis & Larry Davidson