Journal of Magazine Media 19:1

Journal of Magazine Media 19:1

Edited by Kevin M. Lerner

Table Of Contents

Volume 19, Number 1 (Fall 2018)

Letter from the Editor
Kevin M. Lerner

Magazines as Displaced Technologies of the Self
Susan Currie Sivek

Featured Research
Continuing the Contradictions: A Multimodal Investigation into the Front Covers of Real-Life Magazines
Luke A. Rudge

Love Your Mother: How One News Magazine Defined and Refined Environmental Journalism
Carol Terracina-Hartman

Yoga for Every(body)?: A Critical Analysis of the Evolution of Yoga Representation across Four Decades in Yoga Journal
Nandini Bhalla and Leigh Moscowitz

The Magazine Form Is Even More Varied Than You Think
Miglena Sternadori

The Kids Are Alright: Twisted Typography
Myles Ludwig

Revisiting the Not-So-Radical Radicalism of The Masses
Carolyn Kitch

The Unbearable Lightness of Pre-1989 East European Periodicals
Miglena Sternadori

The Hidden History of Gaming
Stephanie Williams-Turkowski

Romanticizing Ghettos, and Other Bored Elitisms
Melissa Nurczynski