Frontiers 40:3

Frontiers 40:3

Edited by Wanda S. Pillow, Kimberly Jew, and Cindy Cruz

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Volume 40, Number 3 (2019) read on Project MUSE | read on JSTOR


Making Generations: Gender, Reproduction, and the Afterlife of Slavery in Gayl Jones’s Corregidora
Tala Khanmalek

Walking with the Ghost: Affective Archives in the Afterlife of the Cambodian Holocaust
Lina Chhun

Harmed or Harmful: The Discourse of Trigger Warnings, Trauma, and Shelter
Mary Maxfield

Critical Race Theory and Questioning Whiteness: Young Feminists Speak Out Against Race and Class Privilege
Aída Hurtado

Sewing Entrepreneurs and the Myth of the Spheres: How the “Work at Home Mom” Complicates the Public-Private Divide
Jennifer Ann Russum

From Human Dairies to Milk Riders: A Visual History of Milk Banking in New York City, 1918–2018
Mathilde Cohen and Hannah Ryan

Frontiers Roundtable: Not Tragically Fat!
Susan Bordo

Wanda S. Pillow

Not Tragically Fat! On Shame
Cheryl Renee Hopson

The Weight I Carry: Intersections of Fatphobia, Gender, and Capitalism
Shawna Felkins

I Feel So Fat: The Meanings and Uses of “Fat” as an Identifier
MaryAnn Kozlowski

Artist’s Statement
Cara Judea Alhadeff

Call for Papers