Collaborative Anthropologies 11:2

Collaborative Anthropologies 11:2

Edited by Charles R. Menzies

Table Of Contents

Volume 11, Number 2 (Spring 2019)

Editor’s Introduction

“Doctors and Professors Aren’t the Professors of the Land”: Reflections on the Interconnected Environment with Splatsin Elder Nuxnuxskaca Cts’e7i7elt
Nuxnuxskaca cts’e7i7elt (Julianna Alexander), Sáwllkwa (Water), Natali Euale Montilla, and Thomas McIlwraith (Tad)

Reconsidering Collaboration: What Constitutes Good Research with Indigenous Communities?
Jana Kotaska

The Vulnerability of Archaeological Logic in Aboriginal Rights and Titles Cases in Canada: Theoretical and Empirical Implications
Andrew Martindale and Chelsey Geralda Armstrong

Drawing the Contours of Ethnography: Ethnographic Refusal and Anarchistic Consent in Fieldwork and Writing
Sarah G. Fessenden

Book Reviews
Philip Jones. Ochre and Rust: Artefacts and Encounters on Australian Frontiers
Amanda Sorensen

Stuart Kirsch. Engaged Anthropology: Politics Beyond the Text
Charles R. Menzies