Anthropological Linguistics 61:1

Anthropological Linguistics 61:1

Edited by Douglas R. Parks
Managing Editor, John A. Erickson

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Volume 61, Issue 1 (Spring 2019)
Special Issue: The Sociolinguistics of Language Endangerment


Sociolinguistics of Language Endangerment in Africa and Asia
David Bradley

Elhomwe Revitalization Efforts: Myth or Reality?
Edrinnie Elizabeth Lora-Kayambazinthu

The Rise and Fall of Xri: The History of a Completed Language Shift in the Northern Cape, South Africa
Martin Mossmer

Setswana and the Building of a Nation State
Kemmonye Collete Monaka and Anderson Monthusi Chebanne

On the Status of Dompo, a Critically Endangered Language in Ghana
Esther Desiadenyo Manu-Barfo

Preserving Endangered Language Knowledge in a Dictionary: The Case of Ket
Elizaveta Kotorova and Andrey Nefedov

Does Ideological Clarification Help Language Maintenance? Exploring the Revitalization Paradox through the Case of Manegacha, a Tibetan Minority Language
Gerald Roche

Review Essay
Miandianyu Fangyan Yanjiu [Burmese Dialect Research], Wang Danian and Cai Xiangyang
David Bradley