Frontiers 42:2

Frontiers 42:2

Edited by Wanda S. Pillow, Kimberly Jew, and Darius Bost

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Frontiers Vol. 42, No. 2 (2021)

Editors’ Note
Wanda S. Pillow, Kimberly M. Jew, and Darius Bost

Restorative Kinship: How a Local Movement of Women of Color Transforms Family Relationships
Jennifer E. Cossyleon

Overcoming Poverty and Social Risk: A Comprehensive Action Model for Female Victims of Gender-Based Violence
Mariola Serrano-Argüeso, Nerea Ereñaga-de Jesús, and Ana Vidu

Challenging “Americans Are Dreamers, Too”: Undocumented Youths’ Queer and Feminist Coalition Politics
Katie Oliviero

Love in Precarious Times: A Queer Politics of Immigration
Ariana Ochoa Camacho and Kathleen M. Coll

Attuned Consent: Birth Doulas, Care, and the Politics of Consent
Andrea Ford

Copying and Conjugation: Lesbian Autohistoriography as Reproduction in Alicia Gaspar de Alba’s Sor Juana’s Second Dream
Nancy Kang

“This Pussy Actually Grabs Back”: A Trans Latina Expansion of “Pussy”
Andrea Bolivar