American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 23:3-4

American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 23:3-4

Edited by Kenneth J. Gill

Table Of Contents

Volume 23, Numbers 3-4, Fall-Winter 2020


Evaluating the Impact of an Educational Program on Stigmatizing Attitudes in Dental Hygiene Students
Michelle Zechner, Sean Karyczak, Ann Murphy, Gail Vasilenko, Cindy Drucks, Kim McMahon, and Rishi Singhal

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Social Relationships of Individuals with Serious Mental Illnesses
Shinichi Nagata, Bryan McCormick, and Mark S. Salzer

Measuring Fidelity and Interrater Reliability of Illness Management and Recovery Groups in State Psychiatric Hospitals
Weili Lu, Kenneth Kinter, Ruth Cook, Angela Periera Saafigueroa, and Amanda Siriram

Self-Care for All: Sharing a Caregiver Program During the Pandemic
Margaret Swarbrick, Patricia B. Nemec, Susan Gould Fogerite, Amy B. Spagnolo, Michelle Zechner, Mary Catherine Lundquist, and Monica Townsend

Pilot Clinical Trial of a Website-Delivered Motivational Interviewing Program for Engaging Veterans in Paid Work
Christina M. Lazar, Kathryn Gilstad-Hayden, Bradley Brummett, Phillip Simon, Lorig Kachadourian, and Marc I. Rosen

Pilot Study of the National Alliance on Mental Illness Peer-to-Peer Program with a Predominantly Latinx Sample
Kristin Kosyluk, Kyaien Conner, Chuling Lo, Brenda Michelle Wilks, and Ming Ji

Postsecondary Career and Technical Education: A Pathway to Employment for Individuals with Mental Health Conditions
Ni Gao, Shelley Buchbinder, Amy Banko, and Brittany Stone

Marjorie F. Olney, Working It Out: Lessons to Help People with Mental Illness and Other Disabilities Find Employment and Empowerment
Carlos W. Pratt