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Founded in 1977, the American Book Review has specialized in reviews of frequently neglected published works of fiction, poetry, and literary and cultural criticism from small, regional, university, ethnic, avant-garde, and women's presses. ABR as a literary journal aims to project the sense of engagement that writers themselves feel about what is being published, It is edited and produced by writers for writers and the general public.

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Table Of Contents

Volume 43, Number 4 (Winter 2022)
Focus: The New Campus Novel

From the Editor
The Cabinetmaker’s Apprentice
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Focus: New Campus Novel

Introduction: The New Campus Novel
Matthew Roberson

Millennial Fiction Meets the Campus Novel
Jeffrey J. Williams

Tiphaine Rivière, Notes on a Thesis
Rachel L. E. Klammer

Specters of Bloom
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Lan Samantha Chang, All Is Forgotten, Nothing Is Lost
Julie Schumacher

Sigrid Nunez, The Friend: A Novel
Marta J. Lysik

Alex Kudera, Fight for Your Long Day
Peter Faziani

 Tabish Khair, How to Fight Islamist Terror from the Missionary Position
Emad Mirmotahari


An Interview with Daniel Olivas
Frederick Luis Aldama


Poetry and Diplomacy: When the Heart Wants to Cry
Indran Amirthanayagam


Robert L. Schuster, To Zenzi
Jane Rosenberg LaForge

 R. Sebastian Bennett, The Final Yen
Liana V. Andreasen

Meg Pokrass, Spinning to Mars
Lisa Slage Robinson

John Domini, The Archeology of a Good Ragù: Discovering Naples, My Father, and Myself
Robert L. Shuster

Ed Sanders, A Life of Olson & a Sequence of Glyphs on Points of his Life, Work & Times
Thomas C. Marshall

Lynda Schor, Dearth
Voyo Gabrilo

M Shelly Conner, everyman
Jane Rosenberg LaForge

Jen Fawkes, Mannequin and Wife and Tales the Devil Told Me
Laura Jok


Christine Hume, Saturation Project
Nathan Dragon


McKenzie Wark, Philosophy for Spiders: On the Low Theory of Kathy Acker
Blake Stricklin

Lost and Found

Matt Kuusi, Keith Bosley, and Michael Branch, editors and translators, Finnish Folk Poetry, Epic: An Anthology in Finnish and English
Anthony Madrid

William Louis-Dreyfus, Letters Written and Not Sent: Poems
Kathryn Weld

Destiny O. Birdsong, Negotiations
Phill Provance

Grace Schulman, The Marble Bed
Helane Levine-Keating

Elana Bell, Mother Country
Hila Ratzabi

Meg Kearney, All Morning the Crows
Stephanie Rauschenbusch

David Mills, Boneyarn
Ilka Scobie

Gregory Fraser, Little Armageddon
Kathryn Pratt Russell

Kit Robinson, Thought Balloon
Larry Price

Lucas Farrell, the blue-collar sun
Laura C. Stevenson

Ilka Scobie, Any Island
Lynn McGee

Edward Morin, The Bold News of Birdcalls
Meg Kearney

Brianna Noll, The Era of Discontent
Phill Provance

Scudder H. Parker, Safe as Lightning
Patricia Carragon

Larry Fagin, ed. Miles Champion, Peaches and Gravy: Selected Poems, 1966–2016
Thomas C. Marshall


Harold Jaffe, Strange Fruit & Other Plays
R. Sebastian Bennett


An Interview with Radu Oreian
David Riddle Watson


Julia Frey, Venus Betrayed: The Private World of Édouard Vuillard
Stephanie Rauschenbusch

Printers and Poets

In the Printshop / With Young Poets
Charles Alexander


Saraband: An Interview with Sara Hunt

Poetics to Come

Losing Democracy: Politics and Poetics in Three of D. H. Lawrence’s Postwar Novels
Robert L. Caserio

The Departed

“And, I Know Things Now”: A Tribute to Sondheim
Gina Masucci MacKenzie

Submissions & Book Reviews

Submitting a Book for Review Consideration

ABR specializes in reviews of frequently neglected works of fiction, poetry, and literary and cultural criticism from small, regional, university, ethnic, avant-garde, and women’s presses. In nonfiction, we review important books of criticism, biographies, and cultural studies, but we do not review “how-to” or “self-help” books. We would consider a review of innovative children’s literature, but that is not usually part of our preferred content. We prefer books that have been published in the past six months, but will review books that have been published in the past year.

Mail a review copy, either a galley or a finished copy, to:
American Book Review
University of Houston-Victoria
3007 N Ben Wilson
Victoria, TX 77901
or email an electronic copy to

Due to the sheer volume of books we receive, we cannot logistically notify every submitter of the review copy's receipt. If your book is selected for review and the review is published (all reviews are vetted by our editors and not necessarily accepted for publication), we will notify you.

Becoming a Reviewer for ABR

American Book Review's editorial process does not allow us to print unsolicited reviews at this time. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please email us a CV and two writing samples (preferably book reviews) to We will notify you if we would like you to review for ABR. Due to the number of reviewers we already have and the limitations of print space, our need for new reviewers is low, but we are always looking for strong contributors.

Editorial Board

Editor: Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Managing Editor: Jeffrey A. Sartain

Assistant Editor: JJ Hernandez

Past Publishers: Ronald Sukenick, Charles B. Harris

Associate Editors: Charles Alexander, Rudolfo Anaya, Frederick Luis Aldama, Mark Amerika, R.M. Berry, Christine Hume, Charles Johnson, A. Van Jordan, Anthony Madrid, Cris Mazza, Gina M. MacKenzie, Christina Milletti, Doug Nufer, John Tytell, Barry Wallenstein, Tom Williams

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