Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies

Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies

Edited by David Miller and Lucia Aiello

ISSN 2162-3627

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The Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies (JLTS) is a peer-reviewed biannual journal with a critical, theoretical, and methodological focus on the relationship between literature and trauma. It aims to foster a broad interrogative dialogue between philosophy, psychoanalysis, and literary criticism and develop new approaches to the study of trauma in literature and the trauma of literature. The mission of the journal is to encourage philosophical, political, and historically orientated research that takes literature as the primary site for investigations into trauma in all its forms and manifestations.

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Table Of Contents

Volume 9, Nos. 1-2 (Spring/Fall 2020)


“Sólo te voy a decir”: Sexual Trauma in Consuelo García’s Las cárceles de Soledad Real (1982)
Deborah Madden

“Something I feel so shamed about still”: Postcolonial Trauma in Austin Clarke’s The Polished Hoe
Judith Broome

Language, Memory, Massacre: The Legacy of Trauma among Chechen Diasporas
Rebecca Ruth Gould

Writing the Self in Jane Eyre: A Study in Trauma
Meera Jagannathan

Decolonizing Climate Trauma Narratives: Eco-Ancestral Connecting in Case’s “Animals at the Eve of Extinction” and Indigenous Survivance in Lin’s Rise
Lara-Lane Plambeck

Laura Lazzari and Nathalie Ségeral, eds., Trauma and Motherhood in Contemporary Literature and Culture
Emanuela Caffè

Submissions & Book Reviews

Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the most recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. JLTS only accepts electronic submissions. Please submit your manuscript by e-mail as an attachment, preferably as a Microsoft Word document, and supply with it an abstract of a hundred words or fewer. Images may be submitted electronically as TIFFs or high-quality JPEGs of at least 300 dpi. Since images take up space normally reserved for text, please keep any such materials to a minimum. All articles and reviews should be double-spaced, including notes. For more specific guidelines please see our submission page online at Submissions should be sent directly to David Miller and Lucia Aiello at

Editorial Board

General Editor

David Miller, Manchester Metropolitan University


Lucia Aiello, University of York

Editorial Board

Derek Attridge, University of York

Vladimir Biti, University of Vienna

Cathy Caruth, Cornell University

Stef Craps, University of Ghent

John Drakakis, University of Stirling

Robert Eaglestone, Royal Holloway, University of London

Terry Eagleton, Lancaster University

Shoshana Felman, Emory University

Andreas Huyssen, Columbia University

Jane Kilby, University of Salford

Roger Luckhurst, Birkbeck College

Antony Rowland, Manchester Metropolitan University

Damian Shaw, University of Macau

David Shepherd, Keele University

Olga Taxidou, University of Edinburgh

Galin Tihanov, Queen Mary, University of London

Dale Townshend, Manchester Metropolitan University

Sue Vice, University of Sheffield

Elisabeth Weber, University of California, Santa Barbara

Anne Whitehead, Newcastle University


Special Bilingual Issue in the Works
JLTS is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of a special double issue, "Literature and Trauma after Hiroshima: A Japanese-English Bilingual Issue." Volume 6, Issues 1 and 2.

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Reading List: Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

This reading list is full of academic articles for both instructors & students seeking peer-reviewed materials on Rape Culture, Sexual Help, Models of Resistance, and other areas of study.

Reading List: Migration

This list of peer-reviewed materials features articles on many topics spanning Globalization, Genocide, Religion, Diaspora Communities, and other aspects on the topic of Migration.

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