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North Dakota Quarterly is a literary and public humanities journal with roots extending back to the early days of the University of North Dakota. With an international roster of contributors, each issue is a rich mixture of articles, essays, fictions, and poetry. NDQ stands as one of the region’s most widely admired ambassadors and as a persistent landmark in the global literary landscape.

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Volume 87, Numbers 1 & 2 (Fall/Winter 2020)

Editor’s Note: Style as Story
Gilad Elbom

Artist Statement
Marco Hernandez

The Prophet Lottery
Max Halper

It’s Ever One, and Never Falters
Devin Curtis

Through the Window
Kareem Tayyar

The Key Points
John Meyers

The Doll’s House
Erin McIntosh

Fe’s Anatomy
Donna Lee Miele

Acoustic Fiction
Richard Kostelanetz

Bastard’s Life of Everlasting Violence
Jason Lee Brown

Before the Blood
Leah Mensch

It Hardly Hurt a Bit
Mike Miley

Suzanne Manizza Roszak

The Great Sea
Patrick Thomas Henry

The Fracking of My Body
Taylor Brorby

Wondering with Hannah Arendt and Friends
Amy Kielmeyer

Out of Shadows
Sharon Carson

Postindian Wars and Warriors in Tommy Orange’s There There
Gayatri Devi

Rehanul Hoque

A Writer’s Workshop
Kruti Brahmbhatt

Snow Orchid
Shalom Galve Aranas

One Winter Evening
William Virgil Davis

Ten Forty
Tunnel #3 (course syllabus on drama)
Lawdenmarc Decamora

In the Field Museum
For Three Children Buried on the Family Farm
Diane Scholl

Salome’s Decision
Persephone Calls Her Mother
Helen Marie Casey

John Guzlowski

The Mighty Ohio
Sky Burial
Jessica Cory

So Much of the Story Already Told
Mark Mazzoli

Rajendra Sharma

Measuring My Days
What Makes a Heart?
Lawrence Rhu

New Release
Alex MacConochie

A Request
Paul Lieber

Film #6: Eve in Vietnam, July 8, 1968
Film #2: On Leaving
Alisha Yi

Sarah Tillard

I Thirst
That Summer
Victoria Elizabeth Ruwi

Prairie Grass
Peter Norman

Brent House

Portrait of a Portrait on Fire
John Sibley Williams

Droids on the Train
Mark Hammerschick

Venice for a Day
The World of Microorganisms
Paul Ilechko

Polar Vortex
Buffalo Gap
David R. Solheim

Space Invader
Deborah Ketai

Red Poppies
Quieting the Honking
Lindy Obach

Sun Emoji
(but maybe i am reaching?)
Angelica Whitehorne

Two Rooms, One Departure
Joel H. Vega

Kathy Nelson

The Lamp of Mindfulness
While Remaining Calm
Charlene Langfur

Giving Thanks to the God in Whom I Do Not Believe
toilet paper
You’re Not Sorry
David Romanda

When Everything Was Alive
When Cities are Tulips
Sandie Seeger

Don’t Frighten the Horses
Bonnie Larson Staiger

A Last Nature Poem
The Task
F.X. Christmas, Jr.

Act of Contrition
Request to Come Back as a House Sparrow
Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas

Black Mamba
Michael Cadnum

Lucy: small, b–
Jared Schwartz

The Swan
The Abyss
Alessio Zanelli

From Melismas
Marlon Hacla (translated by Kristine Ong Muslim)

from aerial roots [off-island chamorros]
Craig Santos Perez

“Not buffalo in tall grass . . .”
Stones, Sober
Russ Capaldi

The game
Livorno, May 28th, 1943
Laura Zucca-Scott

Nuclear Prayer
Timothy Ralston

Once You’ve Found It
Thomas Piekarski

Rummage Sale
Alec Hershman

On the Way to Hallmark
Joanne Mallari

Along the Crumbling Back Sidewalk
Rodney Torreson

Aldi: Simple Things

The Economics of Going Home
Shiva’s Separation from Kashi
Rajnish Mishra

Lady C.
Patrick Pfister

Kevin J.B. O’Connor

Maiden Voyage
Audrey Spina

The Pink Petunia
Southern Living
Ahrend Torrey

Surviving Mardi Gras
Lane Chasek

The Power’s Gone Out
Susan Sonde

‘hungry ears’
Charles Edwards

A Fuckboy Love Poem
Sean Cho A.

Black Woman
Kelvin Kellman

Slap the Floor O Glory!
Lantern Lantern Pot of Gold Coin and a Red X
Travis Hedge Coke

On Spotting Stray Shoes
Standing in the Kitchen with My Mother
Emily Franklin

Second Childishness
Debasish Mishra

Fertility Score
Michel Steven Krug

Hey Nineteen
Mike Jurkovic

A Fine Distinction
Michael Spence

Rust Patience
Diane Webster

To Jon Harder, America’s Finest Capitalist
Marc Janssen

Camper van
David Rosenheim

The Unraveling
For Sale, Gently Used
Dakota Canon

Kimberlee Medicine Horn Jackson

A Cigarette Is Always A Prop
Short Poem
David Starkey

Just Tell Me Her Name, Baby
For Sale: Party City Prop
Veronica Ruperto

Your Selflessness
Joel Fry

[therefore early in the morning]
[these children my children]
Daniel Lassell

Boldino Autumn
“Place an ear upon the heart of God . . .”
Kamil Tangalychev (translated by Dean Furbish)

A Poem About Jesus
John Robinson

The Rehearsal
Half-Wish for the Revolution
James Miller

My Clone
Resume Resurrected
Charles Baquet

Blue Dream
Empty Space
Waking Up
Lydia Caros

This Sadness
Irma Pineda (translated by Wendy Call)

Ornithology Lesson
Ancient Egypt
Michael Beihl

Elegy For Nightfall
Survival Kit
Despy Boutris

Memento Mori
Max Orkis

What will remain
William J. Joel

She Danced.
Bob Kallberg

Crossing Dusk
KB Ballentine

In The Hour Before Sunset
John Grey 

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Paul Worley

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Kelsey Woodburn

Nonfiction Editor

Sheila Liming

Art Editor

Ryan Stander

Book Review Editor

Sharon Carson


Andrea Herbst

Editorial Board

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Richard Rothaus

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NDQ Volume 87, Nos. 1-2 Available as Free PDF and Subscriptions Discounted
(April 23, 2020)
The latest issue of North Dakota Quarterly is available as a free PDF download from the editorial website. This is part of an effort by editor William Caraher and the University of Nebraska Press to make content more readily available to all during the COVID-19 pandemic. Go here to download the PDF

Additionally, subscriptions to the journal are 10% off and copies of single issues are $2 off when ordered online on the UNP website. Use coupon code 9389VT to receive the discount through 6/30/2020.

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The College of Arts and Sciences of the University of North Dakota and journal editor William Caraher, associate professor of history at UND, have selected the University of Nebraska Press as the new publishing partner for North Dakota Quarterly. The journal’s editorial home will remain at the University of North Dakota, and Dr. Caraher, along with the journal’s assistant editors and editorial board, will continue to control the journal’s content and direction. The University of Nebraska Press will assume production, marketing, and fulfillment responsibilities beginning in 2019.
Dr. Caraher explained the decision by saying, "For us partnering with University of Nebraska Press makes perfect sense. They allow NDQ to draw upon the marketing, production, and distribution resources of a major university press while allowing us to keep our distinctive identity and traditions intact. We're looking forward to starting this exciting new chapter with UNP and continuing to publish excellent fiction, poetry, and non-fiction for years to come."
 “We’re pleased to be partnering with North Dakota Quarterly. University of Nebraska Press is the largest publisher in the region and, as such, we’re committed to using our expertise to support excellent journals like this,” said Donna Shear, the press’s director.

Volume 85 Available for Free Download
To celebrate the return of North Dakota Quarterly after a brief break in publication and the start of William Caraher's term as editor, the entire Volume 85 is available as a free PDF. Download it

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