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North Dakota Quarterly is a literary and public humanities journal with roots extending back to the early days of the University of North Dakota. With an international roster of contributors, each issue is a rich mixture of articles, essays, fictions, and poetry. NDQ stands as one of the region’s most widely admired ambassadors and as a persistent landmark in the global literary landscape.

Table Of Contents

Volume 87, Numbers 1-2 (Spring/Summer 2020)

Editor’s Note: Of Bagpipes and Brexit, Cabbages and Kings
Sheila Liming

Ahead of You
Terena Elizabeth Bell

The Pleasure
Elizabeth DelConte

Andrea Gregory

The Wedding
Richard Risemberg

One Time I Saw A Rhythm
T. Ben Bryant

White Birch Winter
Elsa Nekola

Shane Castle

The Workshop
Dan Moreau

how it will happen
T.L. Toma

The Beginning of The End
Susan Eve Haar

Talking to Myself
Michael Cohen

Gary Fincke

Out of Silence, Voice
Emilee Moeller

Role Playing Games
Evan Higgins

The Movie
Danny P. Barbare

When I Paint My Masterpiece
James Bradley Wells

A Family Kingdom of Isolation
Brett Stout

What We Talk About When We Talk About Mary
Psychic Tarot Cards by Devon
Meg Eden

Still Life with Chickens
Construction Site
Assembling the Bed
Whitney Waters

My Man Stayed with Me
My Name is Wife
Karin Aurino

A Toast before Labor Day
William Rudolph

Separation Anxiety
John Dorroh

camptown races
Lament for Sick Boys
loss: a fragment
AJ Dexter

1453 and All That
The Song of the Hit Man
Snowscape with Crows
Kirby Olson

Simon Anton Nino Diego Baena

A Diaspora Of Sorts
Robert Halleck

Cameron Morse

When You Died at the Dassel Lake Nursing Home
Tracy Youngblom

Unrequited Desolation
Nandini Dhar

John Cullen

while i watch my uncle bury the afterbirth
O-Jeremiah Agbaakin

Partial Reading List
Peter Huff

Dark Sky and Cop Ash
A Father’s Admonition
I Cannot Consume
Steve Lovett

Andrea Moorhead

For the Makers
Before Flight
Dream Therapy
Hannah Marshall

Paula Friedman

Bonnie Larson Staiger

Big Bertha
John Blair

Bringing Back the Fire
Kimberly L. Becker

As Sea Levels Rise & Fall
Daughter: the sin that lives on my tongue
The Anatomy of Melancholy
Lessons from An Ordinary Life
Sheree La Puma

St. Louis of the After
Mark B. Hamilton

The Fermi Paradox
Dante Di Stefano

The Night the Stars Fell
Black Smoke on the Horizon
John C. Mannone

Land Management
Born For
John Sibley Williams

The Land Can Speak
Laura Martinez

Rocky Soil
Ida Lake
Pawling Park
Laura McCoy

Winter Song
Leslie Schultz

John Fahey Begins His Public Life as a Ta, Hawaii, 1962
Keith Carver

“No, that’s a canard”
Donna Kathryn Kelly

Laurinda Lind

What Girls Learn
Anne Dyer Stuart

About the Time I First Read The Riot Act
Edward Mayes

Discard your idols
Working for God is never easy
Look here
Ren Pike

She Writes Poems
saving the world
Calvin White

Ghost Cub
Glue Lam
California Gold
Ana Maria Spagna

Finding A World Inside This World
Tom C. Hunley

Ode to Arik Roper
Max Stephan

Richard Weaver

The Smallest Russian Doll
Charles Rafferty

A Village Highflier Or Failure?
Ndaba Sibanda

Death by Project Management Webinar
Emily Scudder

Nothing Has Been Proven by Reaching the End
Jeremy Griffin

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Sheila Liming

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Ryan Stander

Book Review Editor

Sharon Carson


Andrea Herbst

Editorial Board

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David Haeselin

Andrew Harnish

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Adam Kitzes

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NDQ Volume 87, Nos. 1-2 Available as Free PDF and Subscriptions Discounted
(April 23, 2020)
The latest issue of North Dakota Quarterly is available as a free PDF download from the editorial website. This is part of an effort by editor William Caraher and the University of Nebraska Press to make content more readily available to all during the COVID-19 pandemic. Go here to download the PDF

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North Dakota Quarterly Partners with University of Nebraska Press
The College of Arts and Sciences of the University of North Dakota and journal editor William Caraher, associate professor of history at UND, have selected the University of Nebraska Press as the new publishing partner for North Dakota Quarterly. The journal’s editorial home will remain at the University of North Dakota, and Dr. Caraher, along with the journal’s assistant editors and editorial board, will continue to control the journal’s content and direction. The University of Nebraska Press will assume production, marketing, and fulfillment responsibilities beginning in 2019.
Dr. Caraher explained the decision by saying, "For us partnering with University of Nebraska Press makes perfect sense. They allow NDQ to draw upon the marketing, production, and distribution resources of a major university press while allowing us to keep our distinctive identity and traditions intact. We're looking forward to starting this exciting new chapter with UNP and continuing to publish excellent fiction, poetry, and non-fiction for years to come."
 “We’re pleased to be partnering with North Dakota Quarterly. University of Nebraska Press is the largest publisher in the region and, as such, we’re committed to using our expertise to support excellent journals like this,” said Donna Shear, the press’s director.

Volume 85 Available for Free Download
To celebrate the return of North Dakota Quarterly after a brief break in publication and the start of William Caraher's term as editor, the entire Volume 85 is available as a free PDF. Download it

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