Historical Geography Volume 28 (2000)
Geography, Law, and Legal Geographies

From the Editors
Dydia DeLyser, Craig E. Colten

Geography, Law, and Legal Geographies
Placing the Law in Geography
Benjamin Forest

The Power to be Silent: Testimony, Identity, and the Place of Place
Michael R. Curry

Of Minds and Bodies and the Legal-Spatial Constitution of Sanctuary
David Delaney

The Law of the Land: Local-National Dialectic and the Making of the United States-Mexico Boundary
Joseph Nevins

From Poor Law to Immigration Law: Changing Visions of Territorial Community in Antebellum Massachusetts
Kunal M. Parker

“Acts,” “Deeds,” and the Violences of Property
Nicholas K. Blomley

Geographies of Legal Resistance: Legal Clinic Struggles to Empower Marginalized Groups
Vera Chouinard

Place and Region in American Legal Culture: State Origins of Landmark Supreme Court Cases
Stanley D. Brunnn, Fred M. Shelley, Gerald R. Webster, Wael M. Ahmed

Looking Backward
The Way Cartography Was: A Snapshot of Mapping and Map Use in 1900
Mark Monmonier, Elizabeth Puhl

Research Articles
Representation and the Reproduction of Appalachian Space: A History of Contested Signs and Meanings
Stephen P. Hanna

Playing Chess with Churches: Russian Orthodoxy as Re(li)gion
Dmitri Sidorov

The Murals of Moose Jaw: Commodification or Articulation of the Past?
Randy William Widdis

Meetings and Conferences
SSHA Conference Report: A GIS Turn in Social Science History
Anne Kelly Knowles

ASEH Conference Review
Geoffrey L. Buckley, Craig E. Colten

In Memoriam
Paul Wheatley (1921-99)
Philippe Forêt

Book Reviews