Historical Geography Volume 44 (2016)
Feminist Historical Geographies

Front Matter
Maria Lane

Editorial Update
Arn Keeling

Distinguished Historical Geography Lecture
Producing public geographies: creating a field guide to the Western American landscape
William Wyckoff

Feminist Historical Geographies
Introduction: feminist historical geographies
Tamar Rothenberg, Karen M. Morin, Mona Domosh

Mapping terra incognita: women’s participation in Royal Geographical Society-supported expeditions 1913-1939
Sarah Louise Evans

‘She of the Loghouse Nest’: gendering historical ecological reconstructions in Northern Ontario
Kirsten Greer, Sonje Bols

Anarchist geographers and feminism in late 19th century France: the contributions of Elisée and Elie Reclus
Federico Ferretti

From forced relocation to secure belonging: women making native space in Quebec’s urban areas
Caroline Desbiens, Carole Lévesque

Research Articles
An atlas of maladies, microbes, and morals: tropes of scientism in early Turkey’s public health education
Kyle Thomas Evered, Emine Önhan Evered

Was the Battle of Hastings really fought on Battle Hill? A GIS assessment
Christopher Macdonald Hewitt

Book reviews
John Bauer