Historical Geography Volume 31 (2003)
The Louisiana Purchase Territory

The Louisiana Purchase Territory
The Louisiana Purchase Territory: Historical Geographers’ Perspectives
Craig E. Colten,  Dydia DeLyser

Thomas Jefferson and the Mountain of Salt: Presidential Image of Louisiana Territory
John L. Allen

Bayou St. John: Strategic Waterway of the Louisiana Purchase
Craig E. Colten

Roots in the Wetlands
Gay M. Gomez

The Enduring French Creole Community of Old Mines, Missouri
Walter A. Schroeder

Small Towns, Railroads, and Ethnicity
John Fraser Hart

The Big Empty
John C. Hudson

Karen M. Morin

Theodore Roosevelt National Park: Where the Great Spirit Shrugged
Deborah E. Popper

The Dearborn River Confluence: Montana’s Northwest Passage
John B. Wright

Practicing Historical Geography
Critical Theory and Culture in the Practice of Historical Geography: A British Perspective
Cheryl McEwan

Research Articles
More than “competent description of an intractably empty landscape”: A Strategy for Critical Engagement with Historical Photographs
Joan M. Schwartz

Early Twentieth Century Networks of Ethnicity: The Galveston Movement
Susan W. Hardwick

Obstacles to Infrastructure Provision: The Struggle to Build Comprehensive Sewer Works in Baltimore
Christopher G. Boone

Book Reviews